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Catchin Up with Mike Walters

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Catchin’ Up with Mike Walters
Songs Recorded 2002-2005

1) Manufactory
Mike Walters- Yamaha RY10, Moog, Arp

2) Vous Couriez
Mike Walters- Yamaha RY10, Moog, Hammond, Vocals
Ruth Walters- Vocals
Dave Perry- Bass

3) Spooky Night
Mike Walters- Polymoog, Piano, Arp, Moog, Circuit Bent RY-10, The Groovy Defibrillator

4) Ampathodrine
Mike Walters- Polymoog, Synsonics, Moog, Hammond, Yamaha CS-10

5) How They Run
Mike Walters- Circuit Bent RY-10, Moog, Guitar, Vibrating Device, CT-310

6) Turn Forward
Mike Walters- Moog

7) Little Buttons
Mike Walters- Circuit Bent Roland E5, Circuit Bent RY-10

8) Mousaen
Mike Walters- Yamaha, Moog, Memory Man

9) Jombob
Mike Walters- Wilgamat, Moog, Polymoog

10) Trick Candle
Mike Walters- Circuit Bent device

11) A Train to Space
Mike Walters- Minimoog, Sequential Circuits Six Trak, Wilgamat

And... the Blue Boing Song (2006)

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Mike Walters and Brian Buchanan, 2004

1) Rillquick

2) Gottaleavethisplacebehind

3) Canigetfree

4) Itsoverwhenitsover

5) Sticky

6) Smeelybesment

7) Armwrestling

8) Pandumbumbumpump

9) Cigarette

10) Gocartfuntime

11) Simpyinspisipal