Built by Mike Walters, 2003

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Kevin Taylor gave me this old keyboard to modify, and that I did. But I forgot to take a picture of the original... Months later, a guy named James randomly emailed me with a picture of his, unmodified. Thanks James.

This was a "Quickshot" toy piano from the Eighties. It had 1 monophonic piano sound, and an awesome 2 tone (literally) drum beat. The drums sounded like pong, as heard in the beginning of the sound sample. The body of the keyboard fun unit was all white, and very late Eighties learn-and-have-fun style. I gave it a year 2010 look, circa 1972, with the orange and silver paints and faux wood grain vinyl. The first bend I added was a potentiometer that controls the timing (pitch/speed) of the drum and piano circuit. I also added 2 new oscillators. One oscillator is light controlled, so it's played like a Theremin, but it's also an LFO that can modulate the other. The other oscillator's frequency is controlled by one of the knobs. There are also 2 inputs, so this machine can modulate guitars and microphones, and anything else!